During an artist residency in Spain, I was provided with a large workspace in a stone farmhouse that was filled with tools and hardware collected over a lifetime. The abundance of objects of utility filled my attention, representing and embodying the work performed, now sorted and stored in labelled drawers, boxes and cabinets. The quantity of various types of tools jostled together like family members in cramped quarters, each at their designated addresses. 
Using a roll of paper that I found at the back of a cupboard, I made descriptive drawings of the tools, grouping them by function, accentuating their relatedness while rendering in line and colour the unique characteristics that distinguished one from another. The objects evoked a contemplation of history, as if they held stories within them from the recent or distant past, and the people they had encountered.
Pamela Dodds is a visual artist working in printmaking, painting and drawing. Her work explores the complexities of our human relationships and the inter-connectedness of humanity across time and space.
Her work is exhibited and collected in Canada, USA and Europe. www.pameladodds.net