Old tin ceiling tiles found at a garage sale

 A client of Kerry's found these old tin ceiling tiles in a garage sale. She brought them to the gallery with the idea of mounting them in a frame. How to mount them? What type of frame can one use? How does one mount them to keep the weight down?

Collaborating with Kerry, the two came to a decision and the results can be seen here—a wonderful, unique piece that embraces vintage with a modern feel.

Granddaughter's communion dress

Another regular customer of the gallery wanted to hold the memory of her granddaughter's communion in a way that is easy to share. Carefully pinning the lace dress to a canvas-covered board, Kerry then framed it in a traditional wood frame with anti-glare glass.


Knife and sheath from Burma

Here the challenge was not just to mount the knife and sheath, but have it easily accessible if the owner chose to open the box and remove the items.

And, on top of that, it has a row of LED lights around the perimeter to illuminate the artifacts within the box.

Everything was handcrafted—the hinged box/frame with glare-free glass, the velvet lining, the lighting system and mounts for the knife and sheath.